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A Thank You Note for a Bittersweet Year

Dear 2016,

You stink. A lot of people would agree with me. A lot of people would also think it’s weird that I’m opening a thank you note by saying “you stink.”

Despite all the horrible stuff, a lot of good things also happened this year, and for that I would like to say thank you.

I’m thankful for my ex-boyfriend/ex-fiance/husband. He’s been my rock despite the constant “Did we lock the door?” or “Where are my socks?” or “Are you sure this is our suitcase?” I’ve found someone who is willing to go through everything with me for better or for worse, for richness or for poorness, in sickness or in health, even before we got hitched.

I’m thankful for two sets of parents who would do anything to make their children happy, even though sometimes it ends up annoying the hell out of us. My Mom and Dad have opened the door to their house for Sean and taken all steps necessary to make him feel like home. Cultural differences or no cultural differences, I know they embrace him as the new member of our family. Sean’s Mom is sweet as always and she accepts me for who I am, something that I do not get from my Asian parents. Knowing his character, Sean’s Dad has taken the extra mile to welcome me into his family.

I’m thankful for finally being able to complete graduate study. I’m lucky to have a supervisor that is super supportive of my career, who has happily gone through many, many crappy first drafts and numerous lab discussions. I’ve met many other inspirational individuals who changed the way I look at things. Six tough years, no regrets. But hell no, I will never do it again.

I’m thankful for wonderful, generous friends who welcomed us with open hands even after we left (and came back again). We owe you a lot. You guys do know Sean and I constantly talk about where to take you guys if you ever visit us, right?

I’m thankful for a job that suits my passion to teach. I may complain a lot, but really, it’s not easy to find a working environment that cliques with you as much as my department does.

Adios, 2016. Each year must have something good and bad about it, but you have definitely left an impression.


This panda


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